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Camila (19 years-old)

Bright as her father, cute as her mother. Living in Spain since a very young age, her mother decided to emigrate several years back to scape the way of life Juan was dragging them into. Camila greatly resented Juan because of this; she would have preferred to live and grow up in Cuba. In spite of everything, she adores him. Visits Cuba once a year and at the moment of the epidemic she is in Havana. Training: martial arts self taught (learned watching Juan train and imitating him) Status : Alive somewhere Place of residence: unknown last time seen at the ocean Relationship: Juan, Grandmother (deceased)

ANDREA DURO Spanish actress, born in Madrid on October 14th, 1991. Known for her role as Yoli in the TV series “Física o Química” ans also in “Cuestión de sexo”.


  1. revista literaria hotel says:

    La sangre es maquillaje o es retoque digital.

  2. Veanna says:

    Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on tuhrogh.

  3. lmpadron says:

    la sangre parece ser digital, pero igual parece que va a estar buena la peli

  4. Como Maquillarme says:

    esoty leyendo varios de tus articulos, y me parecen muy buenos, felicidades por tu sitio :)


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